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    Impersonate ActiveDirectory Users with iPortal

    Oliver Franz

      Hey there,


      I got a quite special problem and would like to know if it is possible to solve it with iPortal or if there is a better approach by using iPortal.


      All our QS Users come from an active directory. The active directory has a QlikSense group and different sub-groups. We are using QlikSense security rules to allow the access to streams, apps and sheets based on the Active Directory group membership of the users.


      Furthermore we use Section Access to limit the access the data in the app.


      Of course we need to test the security rules and the section access before publishing the apps.


      Right now we sync every user of the Active directory with our QlikSense Dev Server.


      Option 1: Best would be if we could configure iPortal so that it is based on our QlikSense userdatabase (that comes from AD). By that it would be possible to impersonate every user of our system.


      Option 2: User iPortal best practice. But what would that look like? Should we get an export of our ActiveDirectory to excel and load it into iportal? Should we create dummy users based on the different roles (e.g. normal user, power user, etc.) and then do the testing only for the different roles?


      I really appreciate your input! Thank you very much!


      All the best