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    Cannot install June 2017 release

    Erik Wetterberg


      I am trying to upgrade my Sense Desktop installation from 3.2 to June 2017, but the installation fails. When I check the log files I find this in a file called Qlik_Sense_Desktop_June_2017_20170630073820_004_SenseDesktop.log:


      Product: Qlik Sense Desktop -- Error 1606. Could not access network location \\ITSEELM-NT0046\ERWZT$\Document\\Qlik.


      This is the network folder my document folder is redirected to. I have access rights to it, and my Sense Desktop 3.2 installation uses

      it for apps, extensions etc, which works well. We had the same problem with the 3.2 install, but then it affected only DemoApps, so we could install desktop and skip DemoApps. With the June 2017 release it seems like this problem affects the Desktop installation too.


      How can I solve this??


      Erik Wetterberg