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    How to generate reports through NPrinting and QlikSense alone ?

    uma maheswari

      I have a hosted QlikSense application and I want to select filter values on run time and generate reports through NPrinting .

      I believe this is called as on-demand or on the fly generating reports .

      Example :- QlikSense app with two filters name and age. Need to generate a reports like below .


      Report 1

      Danny 25


      Report 2

      Andrea 12


      Where the above values are selected by two different users .



      This On-Demand feature is not yet out in QlikSense. If i have to create a work around ,what would that be .Please help .


      Few pointers I have in mind ,


      1) Create an external script .

      2) Create extensions to capture filter selections from a hosted app then pass it to NPrinting.