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    Word Report Help

    Carlos Silva

      Hi community, I need some help:


      I have this table on a word template:



      And this is the output of this table:




      I need to change the color of the value on column "% Cumpl.". When this value is >= 100%, Green and if is <100%, Red.


      Anyone can help me with this? I've tried with put color condition on the object and "Keep Source Format" but doesn't work.



      Thanks in advance!

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          Milind Deshmukh

          Hi ,


          You can give required color to font under Visual cues tab. Here you can specify range as per the requirement.

          Kindly refer below snapshot



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            Ruggero Piccoli



            I tested with Qlik NPrinting June 2017. If you have the "Keep source format" check box flagged you can drag the object tag or the single column tags and the formats are correct in the produced report.


            If you are using an older version, please upgrade to June 2017 because it has this bug fixed:


            The property keep source format did not work as expected


            If you inserted a Qlik Sense table object with cells that have background colors into a Qlik NPrinting

            template, the colors were not included in the generated reports, even if Keep source format was

            selected. This happened regardless of the type of report.

            Starting from this version, Qlik NPrinting preserves the background and font colors for each cell as

            defined in the table object settings. The fix does not replicate the logic used for default color for fonts,

            however. If no expression is defined for the font color, then the Qlik Sense Client will automatically

            choose between black and white depending on the brightness of the background color. By default,

            Qlik NPrinting will always use black.

            Other types of formatting are not preserved. For instance, cells with Representation set to URL will

            not have active links in Qlik NPrinting reports.



            Best Regards,



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