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    Does NPrinting accept @ or spaces in Destination folders?

    Glenn Gobot



      I created a Destination folder to map to a Sharepoint URL e.g. \\xxxx@SSL\path1\site\Data\Test

      but was unable to fire a NPrint job to this location.


      I was able to use the NPrint account running on the NPrint server to open the above path as well as using http over IE, so it's not a permissions issue anymore. WebClient was installed, so we took care of this earlier issue.


      I've tested the same App and Connection and with different destinations involving different folders, and they all work.


      We have a lot of NPrinting jobs running successfully, which apparently do not use any of the special characters or even spaces.

      So far, only Nprinting to a Sharepoint location is not working....

      Is it because NPrinting destinations do not support "@" or other special characters? Can someone pls advise what should I do?


      I can create a simple batch file to copy output files back to the URL above since I can map the folders already, but this is not what I intend to do. I want to be able to fire a NPrint job directly into the Sharepoint URL as a Destination.


      Can this be done? Pls advise. Thanks.