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    NPrinting Condition Ignored

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Folks,


      I have a report that is supposed to ONLY come out should a specific chart have values.  Right now, it's sending out the chart regardless of if there are values or not.


      Could there be something wrong with my condition as it is currently setup?

      2017-08-09 09_38_11-qlikview - Remote Desktop Connection3.png

      2017-08-09 09_39_26-qlikview - Remote Desktop Connection2.png

      2017-08-09 09_38_11-qlikview - Remote Desktop Connection1.png


      And here is the output of the report that should have NEVER came because it's empty.




      Any help is greatly appreciated.

        • Re: NPrinting Condition Ignored
          Lech Miszkiewicz

          Looks like you are using QlikSense with it so maybe make sure you do not show null and do not show 0 on your object settings? Also it seems like this is only list of dimensions - there is no measure. I think you need a measure to evaluate TRUE/FALSE condition. You can create dummy measure on chart (Like count(distinct DriverId)).





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