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    How to resize images in combination with Qlik Sense?

    Thomas Karner



      I want to create a simple PowerPoint report with NPrinting (June Relase), which is a collection of several charts of a Qlik Sense (June Release Patch1) application.

      Each chart should appear on one page without Qlik Sense scrollbars..

      Unfortunately I can´t achive this as desired. It seems that I can´t control to have the full image without scrollbar and to auto-resize the image in the given frame in the PPT slide.


      What I did:

      I created a new PPT page and dragged the image on this page. Then I resized the image to use the whole space. After this I tried all the different "Stretch" options in NPrinting for the image

      See: Image dimension management in Microsoft Office reports ‒ Qlik NPrinting


      Stretch Options with their result:

      a) Don´t fit: This shows the whole Sense bar chart without scrollbar, BUT the image is greater than the space available on the PPT page

      b) Fit Inside / Fit Width / Fit Height / Stretch: Image has the size of the frame in the PPT page but shows Qlik Sense scrollbars


      How can I achieve

      * to have a fixed space for the image defined by frame in the PPT page AND

      * to have the image in full resolution with scollbars, but resized into the given frame?


      Your help is very appreciated!

      Thanks, Thomas