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    Why null values stored in variables

    vengadesh palani

      Hi all,

      In the below screenshot, I've got null values in variables as marked in the screenshot. Please anyone could say what I did wrong in the script?





      LOAD VarCustomer, IN, OUT

      FROM [C:\Users\Vengadesh.p\Desktop\test2.xls] (biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$);

      let noRows = NoOfRows('A');

      TRACE '$(noRows)';

      for i=1 to $(noRows)

      TRACE '----------------------------------------------'; 

      TRACE '$(i)'; 

      let vVar=  FieldValue('VarCustomer',$(i)) ;

      let vOriginFormat = FieldValue('IN',$(i));

      let vDestinationFormat = FieldValue('OUT',$(i));

      TRACE '$(vVar)';

      TRACE '$(vOriginFormat)';

      TRACE '$(vDestinationFormat)';

      next i