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    Extension objects in external Mashup

    Mathias Schindler

      Hello Community,


      I'm facing issues while trying to embed extension objects in my Mashup via .getObject()-Method. I already found this discussion but I was not able to resolve my problems (Qlik sense extension in mashup on external server).


      My own extensions are working properly but I guess thats because they are not relying on any dependencies.

      SimpleKPI is also working but displays warnings about the icons.woff

      2DimHeatmap works after enabling XHR for RequireJS


      Those are the errors I see in the Chrome Developer Console when trying to load different extension objects into my mashup.


      I also enabled XHR-Requests for RequireJS which allows some extensions to load halfway but unfortunately this does not change much:



      Virtual Proxy Settings:



      I appended my mashup.html and the output of the Chrome Developer Console console and Network Tab .har-Contents for XHR and non XHR requests.


      Can I do something to prevent those kind of errors except from using iframes or do I need to modify the extensions?


      Thank you!