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    Connections takes a long time to show up i data load editor.

    Anders Florentin Hansen



      I have just upgraded to the latest version of Sense (Sense June 2017).


      We have an issue when opening the load editor. The "connections" on the left hand side takes a minute or so to turn up..


      The problem is related to this : https://qliksupport.force.com/QS_CaseWizardKnowledgeArticle?Id=ka5D00000004S6RIAU


      The server has no internet access and the DataMarket connector wants to access the internet... That is why ..I do not get any errors like the article describes.. Just the long wait... :-)

      I have done as suggested in the article, but it does not help... (with the Machine.config in .net framework) and in the config files for the connectors in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data\

      The services stopped and started...

      Other than enabling access to the internet from the server, does anyone know how to avoid this?