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    NPrinting Publish Task Not Updating Data

    Tomas Pedrozo



      We've come across instances of NPrinting (both 17.3 and 17.5) not refreshing the data that is in the qvw when a Publishing Task is run. So, in this case, we have a report that is sent out on a daily basis to our end-users, and it is scheduled using a trigger. Every night the data is refreshed on the server, as well as in the qvw that the NPrinting report is based on.


      However, there are more than a few instances that the report that is generated in NPrinting does not contain the refreshed data. However, the qvw does. Often I run the report manually (even without re-caching the connection) and the data comes back fine.


      Our setup of QlikView and NPrinting are in line with what Qlik recommends.


      Any explanation for why this happens?


      Thank you in advance,