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    Qlik Sense AD Groups

    Ali Hijazi


      we have Qlik SEnse server connected to Active Directory

      How can I see the active directory groups?

      is there a way to assign / give user access to a group of users in one shot instead of giving that to every single user?

      kindly advise

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          Simon Minifie

          Hi Ali,


          You can view the AD groups assigned to a particular user by clicking on the 'i' next to the user's name in the Users section of the QMC.

          Within the security rule (basic view), there should be an option to specify Group as a property. The groups that have been imported from AD should then be available to assign to the security rule.

          best regards,


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              Ali Hijazi

              what I want is the following:

              I have a custom property called stream_access with values 1,2,3 let's say (applies to resources stream and user)

              Now let's say I have a stream called Stream 1 and I give it a value of 1 for the customer property stream_access


              I want to give access to a Stream 1 (read) ; user will see Stream 1 if this user got the value of 1 for the stream_access custom property

              I created the following security rule with the following definition:

              The thing is that i got like 50 users; in this case I need to give the 50 users one by one the value 1 under stream_access

              these 50 users I have them in one group in AD

              is there a way to give a custom property value to AD group and thus the above security rule continues to work?

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              Ralf Heukäufer



              yes change your security Rule like that or disable your Rule and create a new one:


              You can choose by group the group of your Active Directory



              And for the Stream you you can set the explicite Stream -




              in your adress bar when you click on a Stream in your hub.



              Your Ressource Filter must then look like this