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    Qlik sense access point

    Neha Sawant



      How do I find out access point link? I need to know how Qlik Sense application can be accessed from web link


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          omar bensalem

          When you have the Qlik Sense Entreprise version, the "access point" is called : HUB

          if you have qlik sense desktop, open it and in google chrome for example,open :


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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Neha - thanks for your questions - answers to these can be found in the documentation:


            Starting Qlik Sense ‒ Qlik Sense


            but there is a series of Qlik Sense Enterprise videos here that can also help you:




            The videos show a slightly older release - but the concepts and navigation are still similar.


            Let us know how you do.


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            Mike Tarallo

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                Neha Sawant

                Hi Mike,


                Thanks for your reply. My Hub only lets me create new application. It doesn't show my work & reports. Is there any documentation on configuring access point?


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                    Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

                    The default landing page for users/admin would be work area where they can create a new app depending on rights they have.

                    But an Admin should be able to access their work area plus see all the apps they have created/published.


                    This is unusual scenario and never heard of it. I'm not sure what's happening but if you want to check the Default Security rules in QMC and check if any of those has been disabled for App*,App_* or App.

                    If you are not writing any rules always keep the default rules enable and it will work as it is designed to.

                    Maybe someone has disabled the work area stream for the users/admins.

                    Check that out in QMC > Security Rules...

                    If not open a ticket with Qlik and log the issue.



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                      Saniya Shaikh

                      Hi Neha,


                      Your Hub or Access point will show the streams that you have access to along with your personal work space that allows you to create new application.


                      Once the application is published it is deleted from your personal work space and is placed in the respective stream in which you have published the application. Hence if you have published your work and reports you need to search them in the corresponding stream & not in the workspace.


                      Hope that helps.



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                    Mark Ritter

                    After your Enterprise QS is installed you can access the hub from the server using this

                    https://qs-central-test/hub/my/workQlik sense access point


                    qs-central-test is the server name where Enterprise is installed.  Or you can replace with the IP for the server.  With this setup you would only be able to get to the hub or qmc if you were internally on your network.


                    If you need access outside of your network then you would need to purchase an SSL certificate and install that and add the name to the White List in your Virtual Proxy settings and probably open up your firewall.


                    When you go to the above link you would see your work area along with any streams that you have access to based on security rules..