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    Filter In Nprinting 16

    soundarya meenakshi



      I have 1 filter with 3 filter values, Only one filter is having data, other two filter will not be having data. Anyway i need to produce report all the three filter values in a single report. But Nprinting is not  producing report for no data values. I am getting report for only the one filter which is having data. I have not given verify filter ticked in Npritning.







      Is there any way to produce report for filter even if it has no data

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          Chanty 4u

          try levels in designer i hope it will give you

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            Avinash R

            Your applying the filter and checking for certain values which is rite ...and now your saying even if their is not data you need the report for those values !!! what this mean if their no data then you want some default chart or what ??? this part is not clear , what NPrinting is doing is rite

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                soundarya meenakshi

                I am using filer in the Import recipient list level. If there is no data for some filter with the given date condition, the user should get know the same tat is there is no data for particular agency id for the date criteria. If there s no data, Nprinting will produce, Empty table. Hope it is clear now

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                    Avinash R

                    as per my understanding you need the chart to be create with empty chart because of the level this is not happening ...Yes , if that level column does not have that value the it won't create a chart for that , so to achieve this their are 2 ways

                    1.if you have limited values in the filer you could create individual  chart and apply the filter at the chart level

                    2.Create an inline table with all the filter values and concatenate it for the main table for each day so that value will get added for that date without data (but rows for the filter values with null )

                    this will give you the desire results

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                      Ruggero Piccoli

                      I did some tests in Qlik NPrinting 16.6 and:

                      - if you don't set a condition the report will be created in any case. If there are no data it will contain only the table headers

                      - if you set a condition that checks if there are data for every filter and for a specific filter the dataset is empty the report will not be created



                      Best Regards,



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