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    User that runs NPrinting Engine Service

    Jonathan Morales

      There is a requirement that the user that runs the Qlik NPrinting Engine service must be a Windows domain user.

      I have an instance of NPrinting than runs its reporting from a QlikSense instance that loads data from local files.  Long story short, this machine is self contained and is not connected to a Domain, I believe on MS Azure.

      The UserID that runs NPrinting and QlikSense is a local admin.  The problem is that I can't create a connection because of the domain user requirement above.

      Is there a way to get around this? Maybe by creating some sort of local domain on this machine?

        • Re: User that runs NPrinting Engine Service
          Lech Miszkiewicz

          Few questions:

          • Do you have NPrinting installed on separate box?
          • QlikSense is installed on self contained machine... where is NPrinting installed? It needs to be on dedicated BOX as per requirements:
            • Qlik NPrinting Engine and Server and Qlik Sense Server cannot be installed on the same computer. There are no known incompatibilities between these two products, but in a production environment, Qlik NPrinting should be installed on a separate machine (virtual or physical) from Qlik Sense because Qlik NPrinting Engine and Server will consume all the available resources of the computer they are installed on. This may lead to Qlik Sense crashing because of lack of resources.
          • If you have another box where you have your NPrinting Installed and have a local users whoa is able to access resources from one and another box you can just use the local users and instead of domain use computer name. That being said - it still will not be supported environment, but from my experience it will work.


          Other notes.

          • In order to add this user to QlikSense root admin roles RDP to NPrinting Box and access Qlik Sense Hub from there using NPrinting user. This will cause the local user appear in user list in Qlik Sense QMC
          • You may need to create local users on both machines (using the same user names on both of them)