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    Trouble copying an App

    Javier Escartin.Ferrer

      Hello everybody,


      I'm not being able of copying an app from the engine API. I need to be able to override an App content (sheets, variables, etc) with the content of a different App.


      That is, if I have app A, whose id is xxx-xxx-xxx and app B, whose id is yyy-yyy-yyy, I need to be able to pass variables and sheets from B to A, but keeping A's id xxx-xxx-xxx and keeping the data previously load.


      I pass the following request:


      {"handle": -1,"method": "CopyApp","params": {"qTargetAppId": "1469f966-ad1c-4e6e-807a-c712857429b3",

      "qSrcAppId": "22e7838f-f734-4eac-92e7-643dc84a8d28","qIds": ["mXgZa"]}}


      Where "1469..." is the target app, "22e..." is the source app and "mXgZa" is the id of the sheet contained in the source app that I want to copy into the target app. I get following error:



          "error": {

              "code": 9003,

              "message": "Resource not found",

              "parameter": "Engine ID not found"


          "id": 0,

          "jsonrpc": "2.0"



      The only thing I can do to get rid of the error is remove the content "mXgZa" from the qIds field. in that case I get sucess but of course, it does nothing.


      As far as I understand, it should work since "mXgZa" is the identifier of the sheet. I have not been able so far to find out what is wrong there. I hope somebody can help me aorund here.


      Thanks in advance!