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    append data to a resident table

      How can i append data to a resident table. I have to Excel files that are in the same format, and I'd like to load them into one qlikview table.


      I'd like to append these two excel files via qlikview. I DON"T want to manually cut & paste the data together.

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          John Witherspoon

          I don't do much loading from Excel, but you can concatenate files like this:


          LOAD my fields from the first Excel file;
          CONCATENATE ([MyTable])
          LOAD my fields from the second Excel file;


          And it may be even simpler than that if they're in the EXACT same format and you can recognize the file names with, say, a wildcard.  I think you can just use * in the file name, and it'll load them all, treating them like one big file.  I could be wrong, though.  We DO use that technique with QVDs, and I assume it would work the same with Excel.  For instance, from a live application, where * is a wildcard:


          LOAD * FROM QVD\CoilHistoryIncremental_*.qvd (qvd);

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              I didn't explain the problem correctly. Your solution wasn’t able to resolve my problem, but thanks for your help


              I needed to concatenate two tables, but i also wanted to qualify the tables. The only way around it was to create a temp table unqualified which concatenated the two spreadsheets. I then created a permanent table that i qualified. I then loaded the permanent table from the temp table.


              QUALIFY *;


              LOAD * Resident tmp_table;


              DROP Table tmp_table;