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    Regarding Syntax

      Hello Everyone,

      I wrote a small piece of code to sum records in a  column based on the  grouping. For example I have four groups in a column called TYPES -A, B ,C & D and each TYPE further has  four further groupings say 1,2,3 &4 and the column for them is have given is GROUP . I am using a pivot table  & My requirement is I have added a column called OVERALL_COUNT and the folowing expression which works fine.


      =sum(total <GROUP> TOTAL_VALUE), to this I want to add few conditions like FACT='Current' & REPORT_STATUS="Active".

      I need help to write the syntax.

      FYI- Overall_Count adds the total value of A-1 + B-1 + C-1+D-1,  and A-2+B-2+C-2+D-2 and so on



      Thanks a lot,

      With warm regards,