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    Change NPrinting Repository Password

    Marcos Herrera

      Hi Dear commnunity


      I need change the repository DB NPrining Password, the customer forgot the password and i tried change with the same method to change QlikSnese Repository PostgreSQL password (Re: Change/add password to repository database), after the cange the services started but the WebConsole not loads



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          Marcos Herrera

          I forgot mention that the procedure was executed with 4992 port and "C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\pgsql\bin" folder,  maybe you know if exists some Connection String tool like to QlikSense Server?

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            Ruggero Piccoli



            This is a critical issue and it cannot be resolved with community messages. If you do the wrong action you can broke your Qlik NPrinting installation.


            You must open a support ticket and wait for the help of one of the technical guys.



            Best Regards,



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