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    SAS Connection

      Hi All,


      I am traying to get local sas datasets into qlikview, but i am unable to get these sas datasets.


      Some one can help on this how can i get sas data sets into qlikview....

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          How to Setup ODBC Connection to SAS Datasets 1. First download and Install SAS ODBC Driver from SAS Support site. 2. Once you have installed the ODCS drivers then create you local sas server as below: -Navigate to your C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ -open services file in notepad and add the below line at the bottom. Shr1 1234/tcp # My SAS Server   3. Now create the ODBC data source as below: Now click on configure and then click on ok and then click on add. Now under libraries tab add the library name and the path as below and click on add. Now click on ok to complete the ODBC Data source creation. 4. Now go to Qlik view and use this data source as below:




          Please find document for the Same