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    How to color the Indian and US states using Qlik Sense + Geo analytic?




      We are using Qlik Sense + Geo analytic in our application. We have colored all the countries of world map as per our needs, but now our client wants us to color the states of India and US basis on some condition.


      In all over map, only India & US states should colored and rest world will be colored country level not state level.


      As you can see in below map, US & India has blue color, Russia has gray color as on with other countries. But now what we want is to color India and US states as well. There may be many color in India and US. e.g. All South states of India should be colored 'Green', North should have 'Red' color etc.



      Please suggest how can we do that? How can we mix Country and States level coloring.



      Dilip Solanki