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    Integrating Qlik Sense in an external secured website (https)

    Laurent Paume

      Hi folk's,


      I am currently facing many issues regarding Qlik Sense Integration in an external website.


      Architecture and guidelines :


      - Qlik Sense Standalone server

      - The external website is using ReactJS and Webpack, so we don't want to import Qlik Sense frameworks

      - The external website is working over NodeJS

      - Both websites are working over https,

      - Iframe integration is working but we don't want to integrate mashup this way

      - We don't want to code visualizations by ourself but use Qlik Sense existing objects


      What I would like to do is to spawn an hidden iframe and get contents from it to populate my actual website.


      Is it possible over https ?


      I tried many things like qlik-isolated.js package but it's not working over https, I also tried "access-control-allow-origin : *" in the QMC but it's not working.

      I get a cross origin error.

      As someone ever succeeded in integrating Qlik Sense that way ?


      I am also open to any integration that would respect my guidelines.


      Thank's for all your help !