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    create a new table

      Hi everybody,


      I have at least one problem. I have a table with all my products, a  table only with my sale products and a table with the construction plan.


      For example, I have a sale product A, which consists of the products B, C, D, E, F and G with their stocks. This is easy for QV to show.


      But now my problem: The product B consists of the products H, I and J and I want to see this products also in my table without changing the item no.


      So I want to see in a table:


      sale => Manufacturing => stock

      A => B => 5

      A => C => 4

      A => D => 0

      A => E => 1

      A => F => 5

      A => G => 10

      A => H => 3

      A => I => 1

      A => J => 6


      Is there any way to do that? Or have I do this links in excel and load that doc?


      Thanks a lot.