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    Pie Chart visualization: Overlapping values

    Steffen Lange

      Hi folks,


      I have a question regarding pie chart visualization:


      The end user wants a pie charts which visualizes his KPI. There are some very high values and some low ones.

      Normally, the pie chart is configured, that it creates a virtual dimension "others", where the low values are aggregated. If you click the "others" dimension, then you drill down to the remaining low values.


      This is not acceptable for some end users, because they want to export the pie chart to PPT without any drill-down to make.


      This is why I changed the minimal value setting for the pie chart to 0.001. This would be the solution, but it leads to overlapping values within the graphic:





      Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Is there any option, that the values at the pie chart can be visualized in a staggered way?

      I have included a 'demo example' to this problem.


      Any help is highly appreciated!