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    Creating an association corrupts the Data Profiling service!

    Alex Adams

      Hey everybody. I've been trying to build a QlikSense application for a while now. What a great and fun tool!


      However, I've run into a really strange problem that I can't figure out any way to solve. I have two tables with a common field between them, so naturally they need to be in an association. The problem is, when I load both tables into the Data Manager, it does not detect that there is a common field in the tables and does not automatically create the association.


      Okay, no problem, I'll just create the association manually. However when I do this, Qlik shows me that there is 0 compatibility between the two fields (represented by the circle with the colored bar going around it - in this case, the bar is RED and it is barely going around the circle at all.) Then when I click "Associate", Qlik thinks for a while, and then completes its task, but the two tables still have no association between them visually. And to make the problem even worse - if I click "Load Data" after doing this, the Data Profiling service breaks completely!


      Every time I go into the Data Manager after this, I'll start getting the error message "Data Profiling service connection failed. Refresh your browser." and this will happen every single time I load the app, with no obvious way of repairing it. So from my point of view the entire app is then corrupted as I've lost the ability to load any more data. Thank god for backups!


      Does anybody have any idea what's going on? Has anybody run into anything like this before?