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    nprinting-sense-on-demand Extension

    reshma k m



      I need to use nprinting-sense-on-demand extension for creating on-demand NPrinting reports from QlikSense. I have

      imported the extension to QMC,

      • Edited NPrinting on-demand settings to include sense server name,
      • created a report checking the on-demand check box,
      • added the extension to my sense app in hub,
      • configured nprinting url, connection, report and format for the extension.


      I was doing sense app development in a client machine via hub. But it was not working. Clicking the button didn't make any change in IE browser. When I clicked the icon on top, and clicked new report, the report name was listed followed by format. But after that, it was dead. It wasn't downloading anything. In chrome, nothing was happening whether it was button or icon.


      I tried the same thing in sense hub, but this time in the server machine. I used IE browser and it was working perfectly. I was able to download the report.


      Then I went back to my machine, checked the same, but chrome was like before. Nothing was showing up. In IE, the reports I already downloaded from the server was displayed. But, I was not able to download a new copy.


      Do you have any idea what is going on? Please help me.