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    Download Button for App Offline use

    Heiko Schmidt

      Hello everybody, I´ve been working with the Qlik Sense November 2017 Version now for round about 2 weeks now.

      Today I started using the mobile app and I would love to use the offline mode.


      Refering to all available tutorials there should be a download button, but I don´t see it.

      When I hit those 3 dots I only see the picture in the attachement.


      On the hub I can choose 2 different filters.

      Downloaded apps and for download available apps.

      For each filter option the result is empty.


      So is there a way to make apps available for download?


      Best regards


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          ofer wallach

          Hi Heiko,


          In theory the Download button should be there for you, in order to allow this specific functionality with the November 2017 release version of Qlik Sense Enterprise (QSE) and the latest version of Qlik Sense Mobile (QSM). In order to understand precisely what the situation is, and the reason for you not seeing the Download button, we would need to have some more information. Could you please answer the following questions to the best of your ability?

          • What version of iOS are you running on? please note that we support QSM from iOS version 10.3 and above per our  documentation
          • When you try to download the application to be Offline, can you tell us more about:
            • The stream that you are in? is it your personal "Work" space, or is it in a Stream that you have 'view' only access to?
            • Based on the answers to the above question(s), if it is a View stream that you have access to, can you check with your Admin what restrictions have been applied to that stream? QSE has some policies and other restrictions that can be applied to Users, Groups or Stream that would prevent you from being able to Download apps...
              • We can confirm that if you apply the proper restriction policies you do not get the Download button in QSM.


          Also - if you would like to forward us with some local logs, which we produce, you can get in touch with our support team, and they will provide you with an Email address to send Diagnostics logs from within the QSM app.


          Hope this information helps you move forward with understanding and resolving your issue with the Qlik Sense Mobile offline iOS application.


          Best regards,


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              Prabhul Dev

              heiko.schmidt, the download button is controlled by a security policy named "Offline access" within your Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment. If this has been disabled by the administrator, you will end up with the behavior you are seeing. Please work with your Qlik Sense administrator to enable this rule. Here is a screenshot of what it would look like for your administrator within QMC.


              Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.01.32 AM.png

              If this rule has not been disabled and you are still not seeing the download button, please provide additional details. Answers to Ofer Wallach's questions will help us diagnose the issue further.



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              Thank you,

              Prabhul Dev