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    Delivery/Collection fields

    Jamel Messaoud

      Hi guys,


      This is really difficult to explain but here goes....


      I have some data which is loaded like this


      Row No.Datepostcodecollectioncollection_postcodedeliverydelivery_postcode
      123/02/2018WS11No No
      223/02/2018WV10No No
      323/02/2018WV11No No
      423/02/2018WV12No No
      523/02/2018WS2No No
      623/02/2018WS5No No
      723/02/2018WS10No No
      823/02/2018B71No No
      923/02/2018B70No No
      1023/02/2018B69No No
      1123/02/2018DY4No No
      1223/02/2018DY1No No
      1323/02/2018DY2No No
      1423/02/2018DY5No YesDY5
      1523/02/2018WV14No No
      1623/02/2018WV13No No
      1723/02/2018ST19No No
      1823/02/2018ST18No No
      1923/02/2018ST17No No
      2023/02/2018ST15No No
      2123/02/2018ST4No No
      2223/02/2018ST5No No
      2323/02/2018ST3No No
      2423/02/2018ST11No No
      2523/02/2018ST9No No
      2623/02/2018ST13No YesST13
      2723/02/2018ST2No No
      2823/02/2018ST6No No
      2923/02/2018ST1No No
      3023/02/2018ST7No No
      3123/02/2018CW2No No
      3223/02/2018CW5No No
      3323/02/2018CW6No No
      3523/02/2018CW8No No
      3623/02/2018WA4No No
      3723/02/2018WA16No No
      3823/02/2018WA13No No
      3923/02/2018WA1No No
      4023/02/2018WA2No No
      4123/02/2018WA3No No
      4223/02/2018WA12No No
      4323/02/2018WN4No No
      4423/02/2018WN5No No
      4523/02/2018WN8No YesWN8
      4623/02/2018WA11No No
      4723/02/2018WA9No No
      4923/02/2018L35No No
      5023/02/2018WA8No No
      5123/02/2018WA7No YesWA7
      5223/02/2018WA6No No
      5323/02/2018CH2No No
      5626/02/2018CW6No No
      5726/02/2018CW5No No
      5826/02/2018CW2No No
      5926/02/2018ST7No No
      6026/02/2018ST5No No
      6126/02/2018ST4No No
      6226/02/2018ST3No No
      6326/02/2018ST11No No
      6426/02/2018ST10No No
      6526/02/2018ST14No No
      6626/02/2018DE6No No
      6726/02/2018DE65No No
      6826/02/2018DE73No No
      6926/02/2018DE24No No
      7026/02/2018DE72No No
      7126/02/2018DE74No No
      7226/02/2018LE12No No
      7326/02/2018LE67No No
      7426/02/2018LE6No No
      7526/02/2018LE7No No
      7626/02/2018LE4No YesLE4
      7726/02/2018LE9No No
      7826/02/2018LE3No No
      7926/02/2018LE19No No
      8026/02/2018LE10No No
      8126/02/2018CV11No No
      8226/02/2018CV12No No
      8426/02/2018CV2No YesCV2
      8526/02/2018CV6No No
      8626/02/2018B46No No
      8726/02/2018B37No No
      8826/02/2018B40No No
      8926/02/2018B92No No
      9026/02/2018B91No No
      9126/02/2018B90No No
      9226/02/2018B94No No
      9326/02/2018B48No No
      9426/02/2018B45No No
      9526/02/2018B60No No
      9626/02/2018B61No No
      9726/02/2018WR9No No
      9826/02/2018WR3No No
      9926/02/2018WR4No No
      10026/02/2018WR5No No
      10126/02/2018WR7No No
      10226/02/2018WR10No No
      10326/02/2018WR11No YesWR11
      10426/02/2018WR8No No
      10526/02/2018GL20No No
      10626/02/2018GL19No No
      10726/02/2018HR8No No
      10826/02/2018GL18No No
      10926/02/2018HR9No No
      11026/02/2018NP25No No
      11126/02/2018NP15No No
      11226/02/2018NP7No No
      11326/02/2018NP4No No
      11426/02/2018NP44No No


      What I am trying to achieve is to just pull out the delivery/collection postcode. However, I only want to do this when a delivery is then followed onto a collection.


      So, from the data above I only want to see this output


      Delivery Postcode     Collect Postcode

      ST13                          CH3

      LE4                            CV7


      In summary I am trying to calculate the mileage between two postcodes when a vehicle goes from a delivery destination to a collection destination.


      I hope this makes sense?!