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    Sense doesn't install certificates

    Anders Uddenberg

      I'm having trouble reaching the Hub/QMC after removing my local certificates.


      Followed some guide here: Re: Error 500 - Internal server error - Cannot establish a connection to Qlik Sense: Qlik Sense Management Console

      , which suggested I remove the certificate and have Qlik Sense recreate them.


      What ever I do they are not recreated and now I'm stuck.


      See my logs which states:

      Command=Start repository;Result=-1;ResultText=Error: Certificates are not correctly installed

      I've tried starting/stopping/restarting the services multiple times. I even rebooted the machine.


      I found some docs here: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/September2017/Subsystems/PlanningQlikSenseDeployments/Content/Deployment/Services.htm

      stating that "Recreate certificates by running the QRS in bootstrap mode."


      The steps should be:

      Do the following:

      1. Stop all Qlik Sense services except Qlik Sense Repository Database.
      2. Run repository.exe -bootstrap from an elevated command prompt.
      3. Start Qlik Sense services.


      The output halts on Waiting for certificates to be installed (see screenshot). It's not possible to run repository in a non-elevated command prompt so that's not the issue.


      More info: i'm running my Qlik Sense using an account named qsservice.