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    Intersection of set Analysis


      I have a small Question about set Analysis. I want to know no of plans which have completed shipping but not completed(In-Progress) delivery.

      When i write two different set expressions it works:




      count({$<[Plan Step Description] = {'shipping'},[Plan Status]={'Completed'}> } [Plan Header ID])

      count({$<[Plan Step Description] = {'delivery'},[Plan Status]={'In-Progress''}> } [Plan Header ID])




      But when I conbine these two through intersection, it doesn't work:


      count({$<[Plan Step Description] = {'shipping'},[Plan Status]={'Completed'}>  *<[Plan Step Description] = {'delivery'},[Plan Status]={'In-Progress''}> } [Plan Header ID])


      I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks in Advance.

        • Intersection of set Analysis
          John Witherspoon

          You want records that are in one set but not in the other.  That's NOT intersection.  That's exclusion, which suggests that you should replace the * with a -.  However, I'm not convinced that would work either, as your sets here are really at the plan step level, and at that level, there's no such thing as data that's in one set but not the other.  So I'm not sure you'll get anything other than the count of shipped complete headers.  If that's what you get, just stick a - between your two counts instead of trying to do something clever with set operators.  That's what I'd do, anyway.