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    Qliksense: URL Encoding ($=%24)

    Lukas Amann

      Hello Folks,


      Iam facing a problem with the automatic encoding of links (URL) in a Qliksense Table Chart.

      We are using Navision as ERP System.

      If you build a link that should open a Tab from Navision, it usually contains a '$' (Dollar Sign) in the link.


      Something like this: ...your$company\runpage?page=...


      If you now click on the link, it will open the $ as %24, which is no problem for Website links, but for Navision it is.


      So i tried to put chr(36) instead of $, to maybe solve the Problem, but that didnt help either.

      This problems only accure with Chrome, Firefox, Opera browser, in IE it works, but since QS is optimized for Chrome, i dont want to switch.


      Does anybody has a solution?


      Greetz Lukas


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