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    Timestamp and or data Load problem

      Timestamp Problem.


      I have two date formats in a CSV do not play happily with the Timestamp (the application that it comes from does not export .xlsx so it is row limited).


      If you notice the dates below have a differing number of blanks between the year and time depending on the number of characters in the hour.


      1/3/2011   7:02:38AM

      2/22/2011  12:22:20PM


      I have got round this by replacing 2011 with three trailing blanks with 2011, 2 blanks and a 0 that is appending a 0 onto the hour if it’s less than 2 digits. If the Timestamp could be resolved my second problem goes away.


      LOAD problem.


      I do the date manipulation (replace) in the first LOAD statement and have to run a second LOAD using existing data which creates my second problem. I end up with two tables Data and Data-1 that are somehow unconnected.  It seems that nothing maps correctly if done this way whereas if I do the replace using notepad and load the data in one pass it all works.


      Data:LOAD replace(@17,'Agent Name:','') as Agent_Name,
      replace(@25,'/2011   ','/2011 0')  as Start_Session_Time_sub,
      replace(@26,'/2011   ','/2011 0')  as End_Session_Time_sub,
      @27 as Time_In_Session,
      @29 as Availability,
      @30 as Unavailability_State,
      @31 as State,
      replace(@32,'/2011   ','/2011 0')  as Start_State_Time_sub,
      replace(@33,'/2011   ','/2011 0')  as End_State_Time_sub,
      Interval#(@34,'hh:mm:ss') as Time_In_State        FROM
      [C:\Users\hbl2199\Desktop\KCS Stats\2011\KCS Test Drillthrough\dr_drillingYTD75064.csv]
      txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is ',', msq);
      Date(Timestamp(timestamp#(Start_Session_Time_sub,'MM/DD/YYYY  hh:mm:ssTT'))) as Start_Session_Date,
      Day(Timestamp(timestamp#(Start_Session_Time_sub,'MM/DD/YYYY  hh:mm:ssTT'))) as Start_Session_Day,
      WeekDay(Timestamp(timestamp#(Start_Session_Time_sub,'MM/DD/YYYY  hh:mm:ssTT'))) as Start_Session_WeekDay,
      Month(Timestamp(timestamp#(Start_Session_Time_sub,'MM/DD/YYYY  hh:mm:ssTT'))) as Start_Session_Month,
      Timestamp(timestamp#(Start_Session_Time_sub,'MM/DD/YYYY  hh:mm:ssTT')) as Start_Session_Time,
      Timestamp(timestamp#(End_Session_Time_sub,'MM/DD/YYYY  hh:mm:ssTT')) as End_Session_Time,
      Timestamp(timestamp#(Start_State_Time_sub,'MM/DD/YYYY  hh:mm:ssTT')) as Start_State_Time,
      Timestamp(timestamp#(End_State_Time_sub,'MM/DD/YYYY  hh:mm:ssTT')) as End_State_Time
      resident Data;


      Perhaps I don't quite understand the Load - how to get it into the same table or flexibility/syntax around timestamp. Appreciate your help.





      Uploaded qvw's and csv's. The one with Works is the set with the edited CSV. The demo is the one I'm trying to load raw and convert on the fly - you will see that it is not picking up or being able to sum properly by day. Thanks