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    Using Aggr with Year-1 Set Analysis

      Hi,  I have the following expression that calculates a rate at various aggregated levels.  This works correctly, but I am having trouble creating the expression to perform the same calculation for year ago.  Here is the code that works correctly:
      =sum(aggr(Sum({$<[Department/No]=,Brand=,[Category/No]=,[Sub Category/No]=,[Product/No]=,UPC=,Segment=,[Sub Segment]=>}
         Total <[Store/No],Year> QTY_SHIP),Year,[Product/No],[Store/No])) 
      sum(aggr(Sum({$<[Department/No]=,Brand=,[Category/No]=,[Sub Category/No]=,[Product/No]=,UPC=,Segment=,[Sub Segment]=>} 
         Total <Year> QTY_SHIP),Year,[Product/No]))  
      I have tried inserting the Year={$(=max(total Year)-1)} into the Set Analysis before & after the start of the aggr functions, but everything I have tried returns a null value.  Thanks for your input.