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    Merge headers in pivot table

      Hi Qlikheads!

      Pls. refer to the enclosed qlikview file for reference.

      I have the following object:

      error loading image

      In order to make the table easier to read I would like to add a "merged header" to the columns regarding the time interval. Consequently the monthly and YTD columns will be grouped accordingly:

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      Normally I would add an extra dimension and then drag it to the top using the "pivoting" option. This will not work for me here though since I dont want the same set of calculation for both month and Ytd. E.g. my variance should only apply for Ytd. This is the reason why I am using set analysis in my expressions and therefore actually have an expression for each column.

      How can I achieve the merged header and make it so flexible that I might add more columns (e.g. FY) and them group them into a 3rd header.

      Looking much forward to your replies.

      Lars Madsen