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    Section access with reduction

    Bart van Dodeweerd

      I'm trying to make a QlikView Document work using Section Access and Reduction. So far though, I can't seem to make it work. As soon as I enable the Section access, I can't open the document anymore, even if I supply the right credentials.


      I've included an example of what I'm trying to achieve. I have a couple of stores that each have a group_id, and each group_id can have one or more stores. I'm also loading a set of users whereby each user is linked to a single group. So when a user logs in, I only want to see the stores that belong to the group_id of the user. I also want to achieve that the 'qvadmin' user has access to all the group_id's and therefore all the stores.

      Can someone tell from the included examples what I am doing wrong here?