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    Multiple Question mark in list box

    Shemeel Basheer



      I am getting multiple question marks in a list box. Where I am supposed to get only one even if I have '?' as a value in the source data.


      Question mark.JPG


      my Source is SAP BW. As I am getting '?' in the data this affects all my charts where I am using this particular Field


      Does anyone have any idea why this happens?



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          Jonathan Dienst



          I encountered a similar issue today. The problem was that the field was a key field, loaded in one table as:




          Text(ISC) AS ISC_Code,



          and in the other table as




          ISCCode AS ISC_Code



          Removing the Text wrapper in the first eliminated the problem.


          The interesting thing about those question marks - you could select the value "hidden" by the question mark by clicking on it and each question mark corresponded to a different "hidden" value.


          Hope this helps


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              John Witherspoon

              I've seen similar if I do a load like this:


              LOAD fieldvalue('SomeField',recno()) as SomeField
              AUTOGENERATE fieldvaluecount('SomeField');


              It seems in this case that QlikView isn't sure what sort of formatting to apply by default, and ends up applying NO formatting sometimes, resulting in the question marks.  Or maybe it's applying different formatting in different tables.  In this case, explicitly telling it a format was the solution, kind of the opposite of Jonathan's case.  In both cases, though, the problem seems to be confusion in the product about what format to use.

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              Hi All ,



                   I am also facing the same problem in my List Box  . When i open the same Fields individually by commenting other tables i am getting the Fine data with  " no Question mark "  . But when i combine all those tables into one ,i find the Question mark in one of my Key field in list box and in preview . I have not used anything like ' Text '  as was there before and it was normal.


              Please suggest me what was the problem and what can be done to filter them ?