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    using an expression(based on a dimension) as dimension for another expression

      Hello Qlik Community!


      I am new to Qlik and need help for a simple problem ...


      I have a table of transactions, with the fields client and object. So during a transaction a client buys a single object.

      What I am trying to do is to create a bar chart showing how many people bought a number (in an interval) of distinct objects.

      On the x axis I want to have the intervals, and on the y axis the amount of people for each amount of bought objects.




      The closest I got to solving this was by finding the class function. The only problem is that i have to pass a dimension to this function, whereas my dimension is actually an expression based on another dimension.


      To calculate how many distinct objects a person bought I need clients as a dimension. And to calculate how many clients bought 10 distinct objects I need the previous expression as a dimension.


      I think that the idea of trying to see the distribution is pretty basic, but I couldn't find a way to do it ....


      Thanks in advance!