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    Mutliple Dates linked to single calendar

    Paul Nockolds

      Hi All


      I have a number of tables related to email meta data such as bounces, clicks, reads each of which have a date within them.


      I have tried to concatenated these dates to form a calendar link table based on other posts i've read.


      The problem is my diagram now shows several loosely coupled tables to the link table and i am not sure why?


      If anyone has any ideas to point me in the right direction i would be very greatful.

        • Mutliple Dates linked to single calendar
          Stefan Wühl



          you get loosely coupled tables, because you got circular references (e.g.  a 'Link - message bounce - message read - Link' path) with which QV isn't able to live along.


          After having only a short look, I think this might work:

          Add MessageKey to your Link table and remove MessageKey from the 5 small message_XXXX tables, thus getting the Link inbetween the message status report table and the 5 tables (plus the calendar table).