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    Delta Loads - SAP

      Quick question about delta loads for anyone who's willing to give me a hand.


      Bascially, what is the most efficient way in which to carry out the process?


      When there are multiple RequestID.qvd files, how can I merge these into one file before I load them into the QV app. Can this be done? Or do I have to load each file individually?



        • Delta Loads - SAP
          Daniel Rozental

          Brian, not sure what exactly are you looking for but you can do something like this to load all files.


          LOAD *

          FROM RequestID*.qvd;

            • Delta Loads - SAP

              From my understanding of delta loads, every time a delta load is run any new Request IDs found will be loaded into seperate qvd files, one for each unique request ID.


              My question is when there is a build up of requestID qvds, what is the best way to manage them. Can they be merged into one?


              Or do I have to call them individually from in my script in order for them to run?