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    Qlikview and MOSS

    Alan Green

      I am due to create a solution using Sharepoint and MOSS. How do I get QLikview documents loaded on to sharepoint?


      What is invloved? Licences etc?

        • Qlikview and MOSS
          Daniel Rozental

          I can think of at least 3 different ways to integrate with qlikview.


          1- Add a link to a QlikView Application (no extra licenses needed).

          2- Add a webpage webpart and open a full qlikview application in there (no extra licenses needed).

          3- Buy QlikView Webpart and add any qlikview chart or object to your MOSS page (you need a qlikview webpart license).


          In all 3 scenarios, every user accesing qlikview, directly or through a webpart, would need to have a CAL available.