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    Mapping load with 1 key for two fields

      Hi all,


      I have the following problem. I need to check wether a shipment is delivered within a certain timeframe (defined with a start and endtime) at a depot. The key for these depots are the day and the depot name. However for certain depots I have 2 timeframes for a day. Now I need a way to check for both time frames if the shipment is delivered within the time frame. Any help is greatly appreciated!

        • Mapping load with 1 key for two fields
          Vincent Ardiet



          Instead of a mapping load, have you try to join your shipment table with your depot table with IntervalMatch (using the extended syntax) ?


          Considering that:

          - Shipments and TimeFrames are loaded

          - Shipments contains at least DepotName and DeliveredTime

          - TimeFrames contains DepotName, Start and End

          - TimeFrames can contain many lines with the same depot name


          You will have a script like this:


          Left Join (Shipments)

          IntervalMatch (DeliveredTime, DepotName)





          Resident TimeFrames ;

          Drop Table TimeFrames ;


          Then, Shipments table will have two more fields Start and End. You can use those fields to create a flag if you don't want to keep them.