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    DMS Header Authentication - Windows Authentication Prompt



      I am trying to implement Header Authentication with DMS for a SSO (SiteMinder) implementation.  I have followed the documentation I have received and it implements wonderfully on my Windows 7 laptop but having issues with impelmenting on 2008 r2.  I have the following configuration:


      • QVS
        • Authentication = DMS
        • Prohibit Anonymous
      • Directory Service - custom only, users have access to accesspoint documents
      • Web Server - IIS
        • Performed install of QV 10 with IIS support which automatically creates application pools and necessary sites
        • Authentication (from QEMC)
          • Authentication = Always
          • Type = Header
          • Header Name = 'QVUSER'
          • Prefix = blank


      Tested that the DMS / Custom Directory worked by 1st configuring web server to use "Custom Header" type.  This required that I modify the Authenticate.aspx  authentication configuration in IIS to the following:



      Authentication / Authorization works great with the above.  So, now I want to move onto header authentication.  If I keep the config settings for the Authentication.aspx as above and issue a request from Fiddler with 'QVUSER' header parameter, I breifly see the AccessPoint but am immediately taken to a page that says "Login Failed"



      If I re-configure the Authenticate.aspx page in IIS back to it's original Authentication settings (see below) (which is the way it is setup on my Win 7 machine and works great)


      I get the following when issuing a Fiddler request with proper header parameter:



      I would expect this since "Windows Authentication" is chosen on the Authenticate.aspx page but my question is - how can I utilize a header w/o getting the windows prompt AND not being redirected to "Login Failed" page...


      I'm sooo close, I'm just missing something small I'm sure...  And the frustrating part is that I can reference my Win 7 machine with same config that works fine...


      Thank you for your help,