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    Step by step of how to Google Geocode my addresses?

      To my fellow Qlikview users!


      Hello I'm a noob and this is my first post, hope your all doing well. Although QV is amazing I'm having problems as I'm a biochemist which doesn't make this fall under my remit and I'm faced with constant hurdles   But I believe I've done quite well. I've loaded data from Excel to form relations, got some list boxes etc... And managed to get Google maps on my dashboard but that’s where the problems arise.


      I've scoured the community and there seems to be nothing about how I get logitutde and lattitude using 'Geocode?'  Posts I've seen show others using Google geocode but their attachments and comments just show the end results with no method included. I've got a hutch that I have to copy some txt from the Google geocode website, add to my script, reload and somehow it just happens?  Help please!


      Also if anyone could also tell me why only one slider works as I can only zoom in out, and stuck looking at Germany, that would be grand.


      Thanks In advance to any comments.


      Best, Jake