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    Partial Reload problem




               Can any one tell me how to do partial reload in script i have nearly 15 database tables in my datamodel if i change any table i have to reload the total script every time  its taking quit sime time but i want to referesh only one table  and where we can find the reload option from script..........how to do this..









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          jagan mohan rao appala



          I think there is no option to load only one table in script. 


          But you can check the data by loading limited number of records.


          In Script window click the Debug option

          and Check Limit Load option and give number of records (10/100/1000 as you wish).




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              Deepak Vadithala



              I know this is old thread but we can still load only one table by using the "Add" prefix and followed by "Exit Script" keyword. If you add this script at the beginning of your document script then you can load only one table while not touching the rest of the tables. Ofcourse, you need to run Partial Reload instead of normal/full reload. I would recommend using "Only" qualifier to make sure this piece of script is disregarded during normal reload.


              I hope this makes sense.


              Good luck!


              Cheers - DV


            • Partial Reload problem

              Hi Anil,

              please search QV Help for ADD or REPLACE.

              Put one of these functios in front of a LOAD or SQL Select statement and use "Partial Reload":

              Main Manue => File => Partial Reload


              Now only tables will be loaded with an ADD or REPLACE in front of a LOAD or SELECT statement.


              Hope this helps.

              Good luck!



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                Gordon Savage

                You can detect if a partial reload is in progress in the script using IsPartialreload().


                For example I use section access to control access to the document and when I want to update it I really dont want to have to reload the data as well.


                I achieve this using REPLACE and ADD (note that I also have a hard-coded back door in case of a problem with the access control spreadsheet!):


                SECTION Access;


                [Access Control]:
                // The access control spreadsheet is secured and is easier to maintain than an inline table.
                // Note that * in other than system fields has no real meaning as 'all'.
                REPLACE LOAD SERIAL,
                FROM $(vRelPath)Access.xls (biff, embedded labels, table is [$(vDocumentName)$]);


                // Ensure Administrator access is always possible in case of a problem with the access control spreadsheet
                ADD LOAD * INLINE [
                *, *, *, XXXXX, XXXXXXXX, ADMIN


                SECTION Application;


                EXIT SCRIPT WHEN IsPartialReload();


                // Position any SET/LET of variables here that should not be reset by partial reload





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                  Dimitri Obrant

                  Hello, I try to update the Section Access whit partial reload. The command "replace" doesn't work.

                  It works perfectly if script runs normally. We use QV 11.


                  Section Access;

                  Replace LOAD
                  UPPER(ACCESS) as ACCESS,
                  UPPER(NTNAME) as NTNAME,
                  TEXT("FIELD") as FIELD;
                  SQL SELECT *
                  FROM ODBC.dbo."RIGHTS";

                  Section Application;