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    How Do I Get the Number of Months Between Two Dates?

    Jonathan Shaltz

      Other posts here in the forii have mentioned Interval() to get the number of days or months between two days.  However, I have not found a format code to get months.  Either of these expressions...


      =Interval#(Today() - [Set up date], 'YY-MM-DD')

      =Interval#(Today() - [Set up date], 'YY-MM')


      ...give me the number of days since [Set up date], but I need months.  Using 'MM' gives the value "2614" for all dates from 2005 to yesterday - I have no idea where that number comes from.  The doc page for Interval() is of course useless.


      If there's a simpler way to get the number of months between two dates, such as is present in any RDMS (e.g., DATEDIFF() in MSSQL and MySQL, MONTHS_BETWEEN() in Oracle), I am all ears.  If someone suggests adding the difference in years times 12 to the difference in months, I fear I may lose any remaining faith in QlikView.


      Thank you!