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    Eliminating Duplicate QVWs from Accesspoint

      Generally when I want to get rid of a particular application, I simply go to the Accesspoint folder on the D drive and delete it.  And on next refresh its gone. 


      But in rare cases, I end up with 2, and sometimes 3 duplicate versions of the exact same file showing up on Accesspoint.  1 is legit, and the other 2 just sit there and never update but never disappear.  Can anyone describe in layman's terms a step by step process to troubleshoot and ultimately get rid of these unwanted views?  Also, an explanation as to WHY this would ever occur in the first place would be useful as well so I dont let it happen again.


      Thanks all



        • Eliminating Duplicate QVWs from Accesspoint

          My users often face similar problem. I suggest my to logoff from accesspoint to end session and log in again. Try that it should work.

          Dont delete the files, Cut and paste them somewhere else. I'm not sure whats the logic, I just observed the behavior.

          • Eliminating Duplicate QVWs from Accesspoint
            Gary Strader

            This happens when there's a copy of the application in a "user documents" subfolder.  AccessPoint scans all subfolders and "mounted folders", and applications with the same filename will appear to be duplicates.  That's probably why they appear to not update, because they're actually old copies of the application in a different folder.  If you change the AccessPoint view to show details, it will show what folders they're in.