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    Hidding  Script Execution Tab



      Tell me what is a cmd command to run QVW file and hide the script Execution tab( Reload Window)???

        • Hidding  Script Execution Tab
          Nilesh Gangurde

          Hi sumitthakur ,


          You can disable the script excecution.


          Go to Document Properties => security tab => uncheck the reload and Edit script.


          And to open the Qvw File with command line ,Type the path of qvw file and then type the name Qvw File and then hit enter.


          hope this is what you want.




          Nilesh Gangurde

          • Hidding  Script Execution Tab
            Etay Elazar


            When you say run do you mean reload ??

            Try reloading with the distribution service.

            You install it as stand alone from the server installation (does not require a serial).

            In your bat file use the path to the distribution service.exe -r= path to qvw.

            Please note that the load is via a service - the post reload trigger will not work.