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    Pivot table background colour problem

      I have a pivot table that colours the first row to the left (This is the title or label of the expression row, not the value of the row). Im trying not to colour this cell and only colour the cell values. This is my code for the background colour on the expression.


      if(((column(3)- column(4))<= -0.10),rgb(199,255,193),

      if(((column(3)- column(4))> -0.10 and (column(3)- column(4))<=0),rgb(0,127,0),

         if(((column(3)- column(4))>0 and (column(3)- column(4))<=0.049),rgb(215,180,40),

          if((column(3)- column(4))>=0.05,rgb(255,0,0)




      Can anyone help

      Kind regards