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    Kevin Marlow

      I'm new to QlikView and I'm trying to find out the advantages of using QlikView publisher or not?


      Our environment is not currently licensed for Publisher but we still have the Distribution Service running and have scheduled reloads on the QlikView server box.  Should this not be the case?  I cannot see anywhere to email out QlikView documents once they have reloaded but this is the only restriction I can see so far.  What am I missing?  I have tried searching QlikView community and documentation and cannot find what advantages Publisher will give us based on our current environment.

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          You can find the same on the below post.






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            QV Publisher allows for creating 'tasks' to reload qv documents.  Tasks can be triggered by schedules, the success of other tasks, or external events.  Without the license for Publisher, you can only schedule reloads based on a date/time.   Other types of Tasks can also be created - Distribution, Loop and Reduce, or External Tasks.   For example, with Publisher, you can schedule reload of a document, then when it's completed, it can loop thru the values of a field  (i.e. 'Region'), and save a reduced QV document for each value of the field Region.  Thus creating separate qvw's for each 'Region'.  These documents can then be 'Distributed' to a folder, and certain security applied (allow only certain windows groups to read the qvw on the accesspoint).


            Publisher is designed for more complex tasks, likely required in a larger organization.


            Hope this helps-

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                Daniel Rozental

                Publisher is more like a set of more advanced features on your current install, it doesn't add any services.


                With a Publisher license you can also split the distribution service and have it run on another server. Which is very useful since Server and Publisher use memory diferently and will not take any performance out of your end users if any tasks are run during the day.