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    Show only white (active) values in listbox

      Hi All,


      See, i have a list box showing all survey ids in my dashboad. Now when i do some selections, only those survey ids which are relevent to the selections will be seen in white and others will be in gray..yes, expected behaviour of qlikview.


      Have a look at the below states of the mentioned list box..


      Here , the figure 1 shows the default view of the list box when no selection is made.

      Figure 2 shows the state of the listbox when some selections are made..see the scroll bar position, I have to scroll all the way towards right passing all grayed out surveys to find the relevent ones (in white) for the current selection.


      Now my requirement is that, when I do some selections in other filters, i want to see only the active survey ids for that selection, in this list box. That means, I dont want to see gray color in this list box anytime.


      There is an option in the list box properties which says 'Hide Excluded' ..i tried this, and when that option is enabled, the excluded survey ids are no longer shown but the vast area of gray option still exists making me to scroll all the way towards right to find the active survey ids. See in figure 3


      Do anyone have any suggestion to help me achive my requirement?